Dawn of Just Trivia – Batman v Superman Justice Edition

Dawn of Just Trivia is the best way to test your knowledge of one of the most epic battles in the DC Universe: Batman v Superman. Today you have found the trivia to match the epicness of the rivalry that this trivia memorializes on an iOS device. Push your memory to the limit and figure out who is the true menace to society and who is the hero that the people need.

Dawn of Trivia spans the DC Comics cannon, covering the relationship between the two most popular heroes in the DC universe! Reacquaint yourself with the founders of the justice league on your iPhone or iPad. Get behind the scenes tidbits that you may have never known! Dawn of Trivia has something for old fans and new fans alike. If you are a real fan you will love Dawn of Trivia.

  • Dawn of Just Trivia is and will always be free so that you and all your friends can determine who is the greatest fan! Dawn of Trivia is 100% free to play. There is no registration ever required. Just jump on in and get to the fun!
  • Big Addictive Fun! Tons of Batman vs Superman trivia with more questions on the way. Do you have what it takes!? Do you have heroic knowledge? Can you answer all the questions?
  • Never get stuck! If you are having trouble or recalling a specific piece of trivia, we have provided some awesome features to help you!
  • Play with friends, and share the trivia fun! Are you stuck on a question? Need help with some trying trivia? You can share the question on Facebook and get help from your friends. Are your friends DC fans? Challenge them to see who is the master!

What are you waiting on? Join the fun now! Download and play the best Batman versus Superman trivia app on the App Store today!

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