Mother Ducker – Mother’s Quest for Her Baby Ducklings

Mother Ducker! Oh no! The darling ducklings wandered off! Mother Duck, Mamma Mallard, and Mammy Muscovy didn’t notice the babies duck out from behind them as they rushed home to make dinner for Daddy Duck, Mister Mallard and Monsieur Muscovy. Tap and hold the screen to help guide these mothers to gather all of their ducklings before it’s too late! What if the ducklings are turned into a coat, a duvet or worse; a turducken!? Hurry! This simple addictive game full of lovable characters has hours of fun to offer. Compete against your friends and everyone in the world, with game center integration, to see who can help out the mothers the most on their quest to collect their dear darling ducklings.

Mother Ducker offers very simple game play that is easy for anyone to master. Ducker was created with design in mind. Immerse yourself in a beautiful 8-bit world!

  • Mother Ducker is and will always be free so that you and all your friends can always stop by to give the mother ducks a hand! Mother Ducker is 100% free to play. Just jump on in and get to the fun!
  • Big Addictive Fun! Mother Ducker offers hours of beautiful 8-bit fun. Can you reunite the mothers with their ducklings?
  • Share the fun with friends, with Facebook integration! See which of your friends can collect the most ducklings!
  • Download Now!
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