A client we will call Terrific Trucking Transport (TTT) had been in business for around 30 years. Although there were a handful of  trucking management systems (TMS) in existence, TTT continued to build loads and manage their business with paper forms. TTT serviced the Central Valley of California primarily transporting produce but also serviced the rest of the state secondarily. The owner and founder of the company was content with building loads and managing the company with paper and carbon copies as they had since the founding of the company. The second in command, the son, wanted to digitize the process.

In the discovery phase of the project it was determined that TTT was reluctant to commit to a TMS because the owner was married to the process he had developed over the lifespan of the business and the existing solutions were really bloated. Nevertheless, the son who would take over the business was committed to the digitization of TTT as he believed the future growth of the company depended on it. TTT needed a custom TMS that catered to their specific needs, and processes.

As a result, after studying the TMS market leaders solutions a custom TMS was designed incorporating the benefits of the market leader solutions and the custom paper forms of TTT. After the custom TMS was developed and tested, the solution cut TTT’s load building time by 500%-600%, saving the company a considerable amount of time and resources.

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